The “building Early Accra” (bEA) project launches the “imagining Early Accra” Design Competition; STA’s Augustine Owusu-Ansah on the Judging Panel

The imagining Early Accra design competition was launched on independence day and aims to encourage and recognise creativity in the use and/or interpretation of archival material about, concerning and related to Accra, Ghana in the late 1940s to 1950s.

Entries to the competition must be based on a period in Ghanaian history  – the decade leading up to independence (1947-1957) – and must be inspired by archival material specific to Accra from that period. Entries may be submitted in a variety of digital/digitised formats such as text, audio, video, and/or images, but all non-text entries must be accompanied by descriptive or explanatory text

The competition is open to people of all ages who are currently resident in Ghana. Competitors aged 16 and over will be judged separately from competitors aged 15 and below. Children are encouraged to enter the competition. No relatives or close associates of the judges or the bEA Team will be eligible for prizes, although they may still enter the competition for a chance to be selected to exhibit and share their work.
STA’s Augustine Owusu-Ansah serves on the judging panel.

Registration ends on 20th March, 2021
Deadline for submission of entries is 6th April, 2021

Find the competition guidelines and registration page here

About the organisers:

The building Early Accra (bEA) project is digitising a collection of building permit applications submitted to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) from its earlier manifestation as the Accra Town Council in the early 1900s. This archives digitisation project is funded by The British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme. The team is composed of the Principal Investigator – Kuukuwa Manful, Assistant Project Coordinator – Lois Naa Kwaale Quartey, Digitisation Officer – Elton Kwei Foli, Project Associate – Joseph Nii Akwei Mensah.

Accra Archive is a collective concerned with the collection, documentation, and digitisation of archives and historical material from, about, and related to Accra, Ghana.